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Matlab software for the FOCUSS sparse coding algorithm and the FOCUSS-CNDL dictionary learning algorithm (and non-negative variants) is available here. This experimental code is released mainly for the purpose of comparisons with other related learning algorithms. I'd be happy to provide any assistance in using the software. I ask that you let me know of publications that result from using it. No commerical use is allowed without prior agreement. (40 kB)

Hard drive failure prediction: SMART data set

The data set used in our hard drive failure prediction work. The file format is .arff which is a plain text format used by the Weka machine learning software, and is easily converted to other formats. It uncompresses to about 32 MB. (3.8 MB)

Other software

Some software that I use all the time:

WinEdt - (Windows, Linux under Wine, shareware) Text editor, designed for Latex but great for everything.

JEdit - (Any OS with Java, free, open-source) Text editor for programming and Latex. Very customisible, be sure to check out the plugins.

XnView - (Most OSs, free) Image viewer with fast browsing.

CygWin - (Windows, free) Unix-like environment for Windows, includes X windows, Perl, Python, and most everything else.



Last update: April 5, 2007