Congratulations, Dr. Giri! Good to see you walking through the commencement!


All the best for the new journey at Starkey!


Jing Liu passed his university qualifying exam. His research presentation was titled: Robust Linear Regression and Robust PCA via l0 Regularization. Congrats, Jing!

2016 IEEE Signal Processing Society Technical Achievement Award

Professor Bhaskar Rao receives the 2016 IEEE Signal Processing Society Technical Achievement Award

The IEEE Technical Achievement Award honors a person who, over a period of years, has made outstanding technical contributions to theory and/or practice in technical areas within the scope of the Society, as demonstrated by publications, patents, or recognized impact on the field. Professor Bhaskar Rao is being recognized for his fundamental contributions to array processing and sparsity-based signal processing.

Congratulation, Dr. Giri!

Ritwik Giri successfully completed his thesis defense on Monday, November 28, 2016. His thesis is titled: “Bayesian Sparse Signal Recovery using Scale Mixtures with Applications to Speech”. Congratulations, Dr. Giri!


David Ho¬†passed his preliminary¬†exam on Thursday, Sept. 15, 2016. His research presentation was titled: “Joint Beamforming & Power Allocation With Ergodic Rate Constraint in Massive MIMO Systems.” Congrats, David!

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