Congratulations, Ching-Hua!

Ching-Hua Lee passed his university qualifying exam on June 12, 2018. His research presentation was titled: “New Sparse Adaptive Filtering Algorithms for Speech Processing in Hearing Aids”. Congrats, Ching-Hua!

Congratulations, Tharun!

Tharun Adithya passed his Preliminary Exam on July 9, 2018. His research presentation was titled: “Relative Impulse Response and Sparsity”. Congratulations, Tharun!

Congratulations, Elina and Yacong!

Elina and Yacong participated in the Graduate Commencement event held at UCSD on June 16, 2018. Elina and Yacong completed their PhD studies in December 2017 and June 2018, respectively.
From left to right: Dr. Yacong Ding, Prof. Bhaskar Rao, Dr. Elina Nayebi

Congratulations, Dr. Ding!

Yacong Ding successfully defended his thesis on Friday, June 8, 2018 and is titled: “Channel Estimation for Massive MIMO Systems Based on Sparse Representation and Sparse Signal Recovery”.  Congratulations, Dr. Ding!


Maher Al-Shoukairi passed his university qualifying exam. His research presentation was titled: Bayesian sparse signal recovery methods using message passing algorithms. Congrats, Maher!

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