My Life




Encountering my wife, Jing Wan, when we were studying in Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2006, is the luckiest thing in my life. Now my wife is a PhD student in Purdue University.






[1] Landscaping

I am good at landscaping with tropical plants. Due to my knowledge on neuroscience and psychology, I am now trying to refresh the traditional landscaping ideas by the neuroscience (i.e. the neuroarchitecture and neurolandscaping). For example, how to landscape your office with tropical plants to improve your creativity, or to release your press? That is what I am doing.


[2] Carnivorous Plants

      I am a crazy fan of carnivorous plants. Click here to see: pictures of my carnivorous plants.

      My growing list


[3] Astronomy

When I was a little boy, I began to do some research with my telescopes. And during my high school, I had published 4 papers and reports in international astronomic journals and 2 in national astronomic journals. I have successfully held three exhibitions in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.


[4] Collection of Chinese Ancient Coins

Now I have collected 957 Chinese ancient coins, such as sword-like coins and spade-like coins. The oldest coin is the so-called Grimace Coin, which was minted in Chu Kingdom 3000 years ago.