I have taken courses widely from signal processing, machine learning, cognitive neuroscience, and mathematics. These courses pave the way for my multidisciplinary research in the future.


Signal Processing:

ECE 251A (Winter 2008): Digital Signal Processing I (Spectral estimation, Linear Prediction, and Signal Modeling), Instructor: Prof. Bhaskar D.Rao

ECE 275A (Fall 2007): Parameter Estimation I, Instructor: Prof. Bhaskar D. Rao

ECE 275B (Winter 2009): Parameter Estimation II, Instructor: Prof. Ken Kreutz-Delgado


Machine Learning:

ECE 271A (Fall 2007): Statistical Learning I, Instructor: Prof. Nuno Vasconcelos

CSE 250A (Fall 2007): Principles of Artificial Intelligence: Probabilistic Reasoning and Decision-Making, Instructor: Prof. Lawrence Saul

CSE 253 (Winter 2008): Neural Networks/Pattern Recognition, Instructor: Prof. Garrison W. Cottrell

CSE 254 (Winter 2010): Statistical Learning, Instructor: Prof. Yoav Freund

CSE 259C (Winter 2008): Discriminative Learning, Instructor: Prof. Yoav Freund

CSE 290 (Spring 2008): Statistical Machine Learning, Instructor: Prof. John Lafferty (from CMU)

CSE 291A (Spring 2008): Unsupervised Learning, Instructor: Prof. Sanjoy Dasgupta

CSE 291D (Winter 2011): Topics in Online Learning and Bandit Problems, Instructor: Dr. Kamalika Chaudhuri



ECE 273 (Spring 2008): Convex Optimization, Instructor: Prof. Gert Lanckriet

MATH 140A (Fall 2008): Foundations of Analysis, Instructor: Prof. Wee Teck Gan

MATH 270B (Winter 2010): Numerical Approximation and Nonlinear Equations, Instructor: Prof. Randolph Bank

MATH 271A (Fall 2009): Numerical Optimization, Instructor: Prof. Philip Gill

MATH 280A (Fall 2008): Probability Theory, Instructor: Prof. Jason Schweinsberg

MATH 281A (Fall 2008): Mathematical Statistics, Instructor: Prof. Ronghui Xu

MATH 287D (Winter 2011): Statistical Learning, Instructor: Prof. Ery Arias-Castro


Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology

BGGN 246 (Winter 2010): Computational Neurobiology: 23 Problems in System Neuroscience, Instructor: Prof. Terrence J. Sejnowski

COGS 201 (Winter 2011): Systems Neuroscience, Instructor: Prof. Douglas A. Nitz

COGS 260 (Spring 2008): EEG Power and Dynamics, Instructor: Prof. Marta Kutas

COGS 279 (Spring 2009): Electrophysiology of Cognition, Instructor: Prof. Marta Kutas

PSYC 108 (Spring 2009): Cognitive Neuroscience, Instructor: Prof. Adam Aron

PSYC 150 (Spring 2009): Cognitive Neuroscience of Vision, Instructor: Prof. John T. Serences

PSYC 161 (Winter 2011): Engineering Psychology, Instructor: Prof. Hal Pashler