Prof. Ken Kreutz-Delgado

ECE275A: Parameter Estimation I, Fall 2019

Location & Time: Center Hall 105, TTh 6:30-7:50p

Office Hour: Atkinson 4101, TTh 5-6p

Pick up homework and exams from:
Jennifer Hollis, Jacobs Hall 2907

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Lecture Supplement on Hilbert Space & SVD Concepts

Lecture Supplement on Real Vector Calculus

Lecture Supplement on Complex Vector Calculus

Lecture Supplement on Concentration Ellipsoids

Lecture Supplement on Probability Concepts

Lecture Supplement on Random Variable Concepts

Lecture Viewgraphs 1

Lecture Viewgraphs 2  

Lecture Viewgraphs 3

Lecture Viewgraphs 4    

Lecture Viewgraphs 5 

Reading and Homework 1   Homework 1 Solutions


Sample ECE174 Midterm Questions  

Sample ECE174 Midterm Solutions



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