The Digital Signal Processing Lab @ UCSD


Current Students

  1. Shankar Shivappa (Multimodal Systems, with Prof. Trivedi)

  2. Nandan Das (MIMO Wireless Communications)

  3. Yuzhe Jin (Sparse Signal Recovery and Compressed Sensing)

  4. Liwen Yu (Cognitive Radio and MIMO with Profs. Milstein and Proakis)

  5. Alireza Masnadi-Shirazi (Speech Processing and Microphone Arrays)

  6. Matthew Pugh (Feedback for Multiuser MIMO)

  7. Oleg Tanchuk (Multiuser MIMO)

  8. Sagnik Ghosh (Multiuser MIMO, with Prof. Zeidler)

  9. Anh Nguyen (Resource Allocation for Multiuser MIMO)

  10. Zhilin Zhang (ICA and Sparse Inverse Models for Neuroimaging)

  11. Eddy (Hwan Joon) Kwon (Multiuser MIMO)

  12. Yichao Huang (Cognitive Networks)

Past Students

Wenyi Zhang (Speech Processing and Microphone Arrays)

Yogananda R. Isukapalli (Imperfect Feedback for MIMO)

Aditya K. Jagannatham (Bandwidth Efficient Channel Estimation)

Ethan R. Duni (Adaptive Speech Coding)

David P. Wipf (Bayesian Learning)

Chandra R. Murthy (Channel Estimation and Feedback)

Jun Zheng (Finite Rate Feedback for MIMO)

Konstantinos P. Liolis (M.S., MIMO Wireless Communications)

June C. Roh (Finite Rate Feedback for MIMO)

Yeliz Akyildiz (Smart Antennas for Diversity)

Anand D. Subramaniam ( Joint Source Channel Decoding )

Ming Yan (MIMO Channel Equalization)

Shane F. Cotter (Basis Selection and Speech Recognition)

Manohar N. Murthi  (Speech Processing)

James M. Adler (M.S., Sparse Representation of Signals)

Irina. F. Gorodnitsky (Localized Energy Solutions)

William. R. Gardner  (Speech Compression)

K. V. S. Hari (Direction of Arrival Estimation)

Rong Peng (Convergence of Adaptive IIR Filters)

Past Visiting Scholars

Rajesh Hegde

• Zhongren Cao

• Thomas Svantesson

• Heng Wang

• Raffaele Paris

• Tony Gustafsson

• Hakan Brunzell

• Anders Ranheim

• Kjersti Engan

• Heino Gerlach

• Paolo Campolucci

• Guoqing Liu